Each year, the Baltimore Area Council presents several camperships (financial assistance) to Baltimore area youth attending Broad Creek. This assistance will not exceed 50% of the summer camp early bird registration rate, and can only be used for summer camp registration (Scout Camp or Cub Adventure Camp). To be eligible for a campership, a Scout must meet all of the following conditions:

  1. 1. Must belong to a unit with a Baltimore Area Council charter
  2. 2. Have a demonstrated need for assistance
  3. 3. Turn in a complete campership application prior to the March 31st due date the year the campership will be used for camp
After turning in the application, the youth’s unit should pay a minimum of 50% of the registration fee prior to receiving confirmation of the campership. The application is reviewed by a volunteer committee; once decisions have been made, the parent’s of the youth will be notified via mail if they’ve been granted or denied assistance. Decisions will be made based on the level of need and on available funds. Camperships are non-transferrable between scouts.